Its important to be happy daily. We chose every action we do (for the most part) and should be aware of the cause and effect of each action. Actions are made first by thoughts. Keeping a Positive Mental Attitude through life will help change the way we see things so the things are around us start to change. Thoughts make realities. 

January 2015

The month has started and so has the rent, utilities and insurance!!! I got all permits I need to tattoo but still waiting for them to get through the mail in order to be legally open! 3 permits down and 2 to go!!! Consults are available in the mean time until we get the good to go from the city and the state! Thanks for you patience!!! 

The new shop will be located at 416 E First street in Port Angeles, WA (right next to the post office in the Carpenter's Hall on First and Peabody). Open from 3pm-9pm daily (once permits go through). The shop is on the second floor and is in process of housing a lift for wheelchair access, sadly as of the first few weeks, we will be unable to accommodate any persons in need of wheelchair access. Im sure I can fix that before all the other permits get here in time- so no worries! PMA!!!


Tattoo Shop Grand Opening!!

Yes!!! The day is here!!! I have been very busy looking for shops to tattoo at but no luck of finding a good spot... Now Im gonna open my own shop!!

If all goes right, the shop should be open January 1st 2015!!! 

It will be on the second floor with a great view of the Ocean, there will also be a Wheel chair elevator for those that need it! I plan on having monthly art shows that showcase local artists work! Perhaps a BBQ in the summer months!! 

October 2014

Fall is here! The changing colors of leaves! Crisp air breeze!! Warm nights on the couch with a blanket and hot cocoa…. well… for me at least! 

I Love October and to help celebrate it I will be doing 50% off all HALLOWEEN related tattoos! Did ya ever want a Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo? Jason's Mask or Freddy's claw? How about a creepy graveyard scene or some kind of Zombie? Anything can be a zombie! Unicorns, hello kitty, Seahawks, doughboy, Micky mouse, Elvis- you name it!!! 

I also would like to do more of those watercolor tattoos! Ya know, the ones with a Black outline and splashes of color everywhere! Drips!! Splatters! FUN FUN FUN!!!!!